I will sell at Public Auction by Dennis Alestra, Auctioneer, on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019at 10:00 o'clock in the forenoon at QUEENS FIVE J’S 62-02 BEACH CHANNEL DR, QUEENS, NY 11692,the right, title and interest of the judgment debtors in and to the following vehicles:ADDITIONALLY, 5 VEHICLES WILL BE SOLD AS ABANDONED PROPERTY PURSUANT TO SECTION 1224 OF THE VEHICLE TRAFFIC LAWS OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK.
1 2006 TOYOTA HMJ7281 NY JTMBD33V965049277
2 2012 CHEVROLET JAM7409 NY 1G1JA6SH1C4158196
3 2005 ACURA KNE6615 PA 19UUA66205A036025
4 2009 BMW HLS8739 NY WBANV93519C135855
5 2004 DODGE KNH5524 PA 2B3HD46R34H659231
6 2006 SUBARU H95JRH NJ 4S4WX86C664413611
7 2004 GMC CXX9457 NY 1GKDT13SX42280133
8 2004 FORD JDN5412 NY 1FTNE24W94HA63722
9 2016 DODGE HTZ4115 NY 2C3CDZAG7GH183926 Lien
10 2004 HONDA GRA7530 NY 1HGCM56334A098801
11 2006 MAZDA HTW2205 NY JM3LW28A160557617
12 2006 VOLKSWAGON Z47JRB NJ WVWAK73C06P105960
13 2007 TOYOTA EUU4074 NY JTNBB46K173020507
14 2007 HONDA HFF6317 NY JHMCM56317C014786
15 2000 CHEVROLET 11893ML NY 1GCFG15W2Y1117111Lien
16 2006 FORD HMF1563 NY 1FBNE31S76HA07339
17 1998 FORD HZZ9718 NY 1FAFP42X6WF149774
18 2005 CHRYSLER JTY2412 PA 2C8GM48L75R527702
19 1999 HONDA GKM2317 PA 2HKRL1865XH522620
20 2016 NISSAN HKR9475 NY 1N4AL3AP3GC272713
21 2018 HONDA JBG3554 NY 2HGFC1E51JH706730
22 2018 HYUNDAI HTK2764 NY 5NPD84LF7JH285334
23 2005 DODGE HUH3731 NY 2D4GP44L35R448402
24 1998 HONDA YZR5255 NC JHLRD1763WC103659
The Department of Finance and the Office of the Sheriff make no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the year of any vehicle or any vehicle’s quality or state of repair. Successful purchasers are encouraged to have the vehicle inspected for safety before use including but not limited to manufacturers recall and repair notices. Vehicle safety recall information may be researched at The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) site lets you enter a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to learn if a specific vehicle has not been repaired as part of a safety recall in the last 15 years.